How to Win at 1xBet Crash: Expert Tips and Advice

Crash is one of the hottest games in the 1xGames series from 1xBet Casino. Its big appeal is the chance for massive wins combined with straightforward play. In this sense, it’s akin to classic slots but with a twist: you can influence the game. Active player involvement means you need a good game plan. That's when the winning strategy for 1xBet Crash comes in.

1xBet Crash Rules and Controls

To understand how to play Crash from 1xBet, just watch a few rounds — no deposit required. The playing area, taking up most of the screen, features an airplane that follows a parabola upwards.

1xBet Crash Desktop

In the bottom right of this area, there's a timer. You have 9 seconds to place your bet before the round begins. If you miss it, don't worry — the game moves quickly, and you'll have another chance to play soon.

Once the round starts, the timer is replaced by a multiplier. The number grows every moment the game is on, indicating how much your bet could multiply if you decide to take your winnings. The round might end anytime, whether the multiplier is at 1.00x or goes above 1000x. Congrats if you've cashed out your winnings; if not, you'll lose your bet.

On the bottom right of the screen, there's a betting area. You can type in your bet or pick from preset options. Nearby is the cashout button. By selecting the Autobet tab, you access game automation tools, including setting automatic cashouts and doubling bets on wins or losses.

On the left side of the screen, you'll find a list of players. It shows the number of players, their total bets, and overall winnings. You can also view each player's individual statistics, such as the bet amount, multiplier, and winnings.

The mobile version of 1xBet Crash has a similar look, with only some changes in how elements are arranged. It’s actually much easier to play on mobile.

1xBet Crash Mobile

Winning Strategies for 1xBet Crash

Great, we've got the mechanics of 1xBet Crash down. Let's move on to strategies that can build your confidence and help you win more.

Low Risk Strategy

For this strategy, pick a multiplier between 1.01x and 2x. These are common and can greatly improve your winning odds.

If you're new to 1xBet Crash, aim for middle multipliers, like 1.5x. This lets you steadily grow your balance by half a bet each time. If you choose a lower multiplier, the game may still end below that. This is true even for a 1.01x multiplier, as the round could finish at the starting point and you would lose. Higher multipliers also work but involve more risk.

Moderate Risk Strategy

With a moderate risk strategy, you aim for multipliers between 2x and 5x. Be prepared for an increase in losing rounds, which is the trade-off for higher payouts. For most players, this strategy proves to be the most effective, considering its pros and cons.

This method allows you to play with a small initial bankroll. Just 5-10 bets are sufficient to begin. Suppose you start with a $100 balance and want to double that amount. You might bet $15 each time and try to hit a 3x return.

Winning the first three rounds would nearly get us to our target with $190. However, it's overly optimistic to think 1xBet Crash will make it simple for us. We're likely to see some wins mixed with losses, and we could start on a losing streak. Still, the odds of success are about 53%, which is quite favorable.

High Risk Strategy

This approach involves multipliers from 10x to 50x. Although this isn't the highest risk, the chance of winning drops as you aim for higher multis. The probability of achieving a 10x multiplier is roughly 10%, and only 2% for a 50x. Actually, it's slightly less because 1xBet Crash, like all casino games, has a built-in house edge.

If you have mastered the game and can keep your emotions in check, this strategy might work for you. You might expect to see a 50x multiplier every 50 rounds, but sometimes it may not show up for 100, 250, or even 500 rounds. To win big, you must be patient and ready to endure losing streaks.

Ultra-High Risk Method

Systematically chasing multipliers above 50x is so unreliable that it's hard to call it a strategy. Still, don't rule out going for big multis. The chance for huge rewards is one of the most appealing parts of Crash from 1xBet.

We suggest mixing high multipliers with other tactics. You could play at moderate risk generally, and aim for a high multiplier once every 5-10 rounds, decreasing your bet as you go.

Which multiplier should you choose? That's up to you. For some, even 1000x might seem too low. The main goal is to stay in the game long enough to have a chance at winning big and potentially boost your balance by a large margin.

Martingale System

The Martingale system is a well-tested gambling strategy that also works for 1xBet Crash. This approach involves doubling your bet after every loss and returning to the original bet after a win. Thus, you can recover your losses and make a profit equal to your initial bet.

To apply the Martingale system in 1xBet's Crash, use Autobet. Determine a modest base bet that you can double several times. Set the Auto cashout at 2x. For losses, use the "Double your stake" option, and for wins, "Back to base stake."

All done. You can now relax and watch the Martingale system in action. To keep bets under control, set a limit in the "Maximum stake amount" field. The Martingale is a practical strategy for Crash from 1xBet, and autoplay tools help streamline the process.

Anti-Martingale System

Unlike the previous method, this strategy involves doubling the bet after a win instead of a loss. It's a more optimistic way to play, letting you build on wins rather than recover from losses. The 1xBet Crash autoplay tools are also effective for this system.

Start by picking a base bet and setting the Auto cashout to 2x. For a win, choose "Double your stake"; for a loss, "Return to base stake." Also, consider how much you want to win. In the Anti-Martingale system, players often target three doubles. Starting with a $10 bet, you'll reach $80 by the third double. Enter this as your "Maximum stake amount."

If you complete the sequence successfully, you'll turn $10 into $160. Not bad, right?

Jackpot Hunt

Play 1xbet Crash and you'll automatically join the jackpot draw, with no extra actions required. Jackpots are drawn on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. All players betting in the 1xGames section are eligible.

While the rules don't mention it, it's reasonable to think that your chances of winning relate to how much you bet during a certain period. So, if you aim for the jackpot, using the low-risk strategy could be your best bet.

Bots and Predictors for 1xBet Crash

You might come across bots that promise to predict 1xbet Crash results. Unfortunately, the game doesn't employ provably fair algorithms, so its inner workings are a mystery. However, if outcomes could be foreseen, there'd be no point in the casino running the game. Still, some players choose to believe these false claims.

Therefore, you should be skeptical of anyone promoting this software, as their only purpose is to scam you. They just want you to sign up using their link, and they don't care about what happens after. If you end up losing money, they actually stand to gain, since their earnings are linked to your spending.

You can imagine the kind of results these bots will give. Typically, they output low values and often predict correctly because these outcomes are likely. But it's still just guessing. You can bet on low multipliers on your own using a planned strategy, which would be far more orderly.

Is 1xBet Crash Worth Your Time?

We hope our tips help you win and that you won't face any withdrawal issues. Sadly, player reviews suggest that these are common at 1xBet. According to Casino Guru, a respected casino rating site, 1xBet has a lengthy and complicated verification process and many outstanding complaints. Choosing a reliable mobile crypto casino with instant KYC-free payouts is essential, much like the strategy you use.

It is also worth noting that the world of crypto Crash gambling is quite varied. These games come with higher payouts, more transparency due to provably fair algorithms, improved visuals, and extra tools for automating gameplay. Explore the best ones and enhance your skills with our Crash strategies. You'll also be able to apply all the tips from this page, simplifying the process. Enjoy your game!

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