How to Win at BC.Game Crash - Essential Tips & Tricks

BC.Game Crash leads the pack as the top game in its category. When compared to Crash by Stake, another renowned crypto casino, it sees an average online presence and betting volume that's 10-20 times greater.

So, what draws players to this variation? Beyond the huge winning potential, the game offers unique features such as trendball and scripts. Get a grip on these tools and start winning with our BC.Game Crash strategy.

How to Play BC.Game Crash

At its core, Crash by BC.Game is a classic Crash game with a simple interface. The key difference is the max multiplier, which can soar up to 1,000,000x, much higher than the usual 5,000 - 10,000x in other games within the category.

The game revolves around a graph with a moving dot. The higher the dot climbs, the more you stand to win. But beware, the round can end suddenly, and if you don't cash out in time, you'll lose.

Crash is unrivaled in unpredictability, with BC.Game's title being a prime example. Trying to guess outcomes is a dead-end approach. Learning BC.Game Crash strategies, however, gives you a more structured way to play and boosts your odds.

BC.Game Crash Desktop

Effective Strategies for BC.Game Crash

We'll explore various ways to play BC.Game Crash, catering to different risk appetites. If you're new to the game, we suggest trying out all the strategies to find the one that suits you best.

Minimal Risk - Frequent Wins

If you're a new player just learning the game's basics, that's completely fine – we've all been there. It's best to get a feel for the game through real bets, and the most prudent approach for this is the low-risk strategy.

Aim for multipliers around 1.5x. Why this multi? It's not uncommon for the game to end at low values, even at 1.00x, which means an automatic loss for all players. However, with a 1.5x multiplier, you can still expect to make a profit often. The ratio is favorable too, as each win adds half of your stake to your balance.

While this strategy is low risk, it's still exciting. You have more freedom with your bets, and each win adds a nice amount to your bankroll. If you hit a winning streak, which is quite possible, you'll see great results.

Medium Risk - Stable Wins

This strategy targets values from 1.5x to 10x. After some low-risk play, you'll get a sense of how frequently BC.Game Crash hits these multipliers. For example, our latest check revealed 3.65x, 3.55x, 6.55x, 3.11x, 12.99x, and 2.41x in eight rounds.

This is quite good for players who opted for a medium-risk strategy. The specific multiplier they chose from the range doesn't make much of a difference, as they all booked sizable profits.

Naturally, this isn't always the case. So, when you move to a medium-risk strategy, remember to reduce your bet. Aim to have a reserve of 20-40 bets, depending on your chosen multiplier.

High Risk - Big Wins

The high-risk strategy is best for experienced players who can keep their emotions in check.

Going for any multiplier greater than 10x is considered high risk. You don't have to stay at the low end, though. If you aim for 10x and see it goes above 2,000x, you might wonder why you're playing high-risk at all.

Choosing a multiplier is personal. But in high-risk play, the right bet size is key. We know that statistically, a game can't give a multiplier like 1,000x more often than once in a thousand rounds.

Adjust your bankroll accordingly. Consider the amount you want to win and the chance of success. Then, calculate your ideal bet size. For instance, aiming for a 1,000x win with a 20% success rate means you should have 200 bets ready. Next to the "Auto Cashout" option, you'll find the winning odds for the chosen multiplier, helping you quickly gauge your prospects.

Trendball Betting

BC.Game Crash introduces a unique betting option called trendball. You can find it by clicking the Trendball tab at the top of the screen.

You will be offered three betting options:

  • Bear (Red): The round must end below 2x. The payout is 1.96x with a 50.5% chance.
  • Bull (Green): The round must end at 2x or above. The payout is 2x with a 49.5% chance.
  • Moon (Yellow): The round must end at 10x or above. The payout is 10x with a 9.9% chance.

Essentially, this mirrors regular betting on the same multipliers. This simplified approach is great for beginners still deciding which multiplier to go for.

Keep in mind, the trendball option isn't about tracking game trends. In Crash games, every new round is independent of the previous one, so past results won't help. This is true for BC.Game Crash as well. There's a button showing results in trendball format, but it's more likely to disrupt your strategy than aid it.

BC.Game Crash Trendball

Use Scripts

Autoplay is a great feature for applying Crash strategies. BC.Game introduces an innovative twist - script-based autoplay, found in the Advanced tab of the Classic mode.

You have three default scripts to choose from:

  • Simple: Enables basic autoplay with specified bet size and cashout multiplier.
  • Martingale: Ideal for the Martingale strategy, with additional options to customize actions after wins and losses.
  • Payout Martingale: A different take on the Martingale mode, focusing on changing the multiplier rather than the bet size.

You can create your own script manually, even if you're not skilled in programming. Just refer to the help and available examples. This is great for advanced strategies that standard autoplay tools can't handle.

Players often share their scripts on the BC.Game forum. One popular script is Cookie Monster, which has many settings like bet range, multiplier, and actions for wins and losses. The script's creator claims an average daily profit of 3.96%, though this can vary due to the luck involved. Just copy the script, adjust the settings, and see how it works.

BC.Game Crash Scripts

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BC.Game Crash scam players?

No, BC.Game Crash employs a provably fair algorithm, allowing players to check the legitimacy of the outcomes. The game has 10 million hashes, each linked to a specific multiplier that remains unchanged during gameplay.

What is the best cryptocurrency for playing BC.Game Crash?

The choice of cryptocurrency does not impact the game's outcomes, so you can select any that suits you. If you observe the player list, you'll notice that many prefer Ethereum Crash gambling, especially for larger bets.

What's a good strategy to win more often at BC.Game Crash?

Opt for lower multipliers to raise your chances of winning. But avoid going below 1.5x, as rounds ending near 1.00x are not uncommon, and lower multipliers won't win you much.

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