How to Win at Spaceman - Predictors of Tactics?

Spaceman is Pragmatic Play's take on the popular Crash casino game genre. It stands out with top-notch graphics and thrilling gameplay, like the studio's other titles. To truly master the Spaceman strategy and start winning, you must grasp two key elements: the game's unique features and the basics of Crash.

How Does Spaceman Work?

Spaceman offers the traditional Crash game mechanics with a top multiplier of 5,000x. Instead of launching a rocket, you watch a playful astronaut take off, starting at 1.00x. As he flies higher, the multiplier grows too.

But Spaceman is a game of risk, not a cash machine. The game can end at any moment, and players who haven't cashed out will lose both the winnings and their bet.

Spaceman Controls

With its clear interface, Spaceman is easy to get into, even if you're new to Crash games.

  • In the middle of the screen, you'll find the bet setting area. You can type in your bet or adjust it quickly with preset buttons.
  • Below, there's a button to lock in your bet. To the left, a button cancels your bet; to the right, a button doubles it. Further right, there's an autoplay option that repeats your bet for 5-100 rounds.
  • On the bottom left, just above the balance, are the auto-cashout controls. They let you choose a multiplier to automatically cash out all or half of your bet.
  • Down at the bottom, the game shows stats for the past 20 rounds. For more in-depth stats, use the button next to cancel bet, which lets you view 50 to 500 rounds.
  • At the screen's lower right corner, you can observe other players' actions. This includes the number of players, how many have cashed out, and their total payouts. You can look into each player's nickname, the amount they bet, their multiplier, and what they've won.
  • Your current bet is listed below.
  • The chat box in the upper right corner allows for chatting with players or contacting support.
  • Above this, you'll find settings to turn off animations, sound, enlarge the screen, access help, and view your betting history.
  • As the round begins, you'll see "CASHOUT" and "CASHOUT 50%" buttons. These let you cash out your full bet or half of it.
Spaceman Controls

Spaceman's mobile interface is largely the same, albeit with a few layout tweaks.

Spaceman Mobile

Spaceman Winning Strategies

Learning the controls is just the beginning. The real game changer is adopting Spaceman strategies that help you make smart choices. We'll also cover tips, or so-called hacks, to dodge beginner errors, which can further impact your success.

High-Risk Strategy

Spaceman fits perfectly with a high-risk approach. Why? Its top multiplier caps at 5,000x, quite small compared to other Crash games that offer chances to win up to 1,000,000x.

In real play, those big multipliers are hardly ever hit. Most players end their game at 100x, while a few daring ones push for 500x. Thus, actual winnings from the game seldom go above a certain amount.

Because of how RTP is spread out, it also lowers the chance of winning a smaller amount. However, in Spaceman, with its lower top payout, landing big multipliers is much more likely.

The exact multiplier you aim for should be based on your risk tolerance. Generally, targeting multipliers from 50x up to the highest possible is seen as taking a high risk.

Medium-Risk Strategy

This approach covers multipliers between 10x and 50x. You'll frequently encounter these during a game, making your expectations more grounded.

This Crash strategy gives good returns for a medium risk. But remember, "medium" means it's less risky than high-risk methods. Don't expect to consistently cash out big multipliers without your bankroll taking some hits.

Low-Risk Strategy

This strategy focuses on multipliers between 1.5x and 10x. It lets you cash out winnings more often and manage your bets with ease. This approach is particularly suitable for those with limited funds, where losing multiple bets in a row could be critical.

It's best not to chase multipliers lower than 1.5x. Spaceman has an RTP rate of 95%, meaning approximately every 20th game ends with a 1.00x multiplier, instantly wiping bets. These rounds might go back-to-back or not show up for over 100 plays, but that's the statistical expectation.

Aiming for low multipliers means you hardly stand a chance to win but can still lose. People who go for these small gains usually bet big and soon hit a losing streak, which makes them rethink their strategy.

Match Your Bets with the Risk

The strategy you pick directly affects how much you bet. For instance, a 1,000x multiplier shows up less than once in a thousand rounds. Select a bet size that's practical for this frequency.

On the flip side, if you're targeting a 1.5x multiplier, you'll have to bet big. It's the only way to earn a significant profit and exit the game before a losing round wipes out your funds.

Betting Systems

Another method to set your bet size is through betting systems. With a system, you adjust your bet after each round, based on wins or losses. A good example to see this in action is the Martingale system.

  1. You start with a $2 wager and lose.
  2. Next, you double your bet to $4 aiming for 2x, but lose again.
  3. Then, raise your bet to $8.
  4. Still no win? Go up to $16.
  5. When you finally win at 2x, you can drop back to the $2 bet, effectively making back your losses plus a $2 profit.

With Spaceman, you can also adapt the Martingale strategy in a unique way:

  1. You begin with $2, targeting a 2x win.
  2. When you lose, the bet stays at $2, but you increase your goal to 4x.
  3. Then to 8x, 16x, and so on.

You can also tailor other popular betting systems for Spaceman, like Anti-Martingale, D'Alembert, Labouchere, and Fibonacci. But, as you might notice, the risks with these strategies can increase rapidly. So, sticking to the same bet size, also known as flat betting, often turns out to be a safer route.

Use the "Cashout 50%" Feature Strategically

Unlike some other Crash games, Spaceman doesn't allow placing two bets in one round. However, it has a "Cashout 50%" option. This lets you take half your bet as winnings and play on with the rest. You can use this to try various strategies, even those with different risks.

Suppose that you press "Cashout 50%" once you hit a 2x multiplier. With the remaining half of your bet, go for a bigger win. If that attempt fails, you still haven't lost in the round.

It also helps minimize losses for safer strategies. You can, for example, pull out your bets in steps at 1.5x and 2x, common ending points for the game.

But the true value of this feature comes to light in high-risk strategies. If you've reached a high multiplier but crave more, you could cash out half at 50x and pursue, say, 200x with what's left.

Don't Rely on Past Results or Bots

New players often try to predict the upcoming multiplier rather than thinking about how to bet. Unfortunately, this approach doesn't work, and here's why.

The results in Spaceman are purely random. Neither the game makers nor the players can predict when the round will finish. If there were a way to forecast results, it would quickly be noticed through data analysis. Pragmatic Play would then have to close Spaceman, taking away the chance to enjoy this thrilling game.

Spaceman doesn't follow any patterns. Though you might think you spot some, the game pays no mind. It could land on 1.00x several times in a row or soar past 100x repeatedly. The long-term distribution is total chaos.

It's also the reason Spaceman predictors don't succeed. They usually tell you to cash out at low multipliers, which might frequently result in wins. But these suggestions lack any real basis. As time goes on, the discrepancy between the bot's forecasts and the actual game events will cause you to lose.

Play Spaceman with Crypto

If these Spaceman game strategies work out, you'll find yourself claiming winnings more frequently. And when it comes to cashing out, cryptocurrencies are the way to go.

Problems getting your money out of a casino often come from traditional payment systems. They make casinos confirm who you are and can keep your winnings for weeks. Cryptocurrencies eliminate this middleman and the troubles it brings.

Therefore, you can quickly get your winnings without going through verification, as we do at ETH Casino. Moreover, you have the opportunity to enjoy various Ethereum Crash gambling games, such as Spaceman, and explore other cryptocurrencies. Try it out; it’s quite handy.

Does Spaceman Scam Players?

Pragmatic Play built their game with a certified random number generator, approved by reputable testers like Gaming Associates and Gaming Laboratories International. The credibility of these organizations is a key assurance of Spaceman's fairness.

Plus, every player has the ability to personally verify the game's integrity through the provably fair algorithm. Just click on the "IN PLAY" round in the stats panel. A window with the round's details, including "Hash" and "Result," will pop up. The "Result" field, initially hidden, will eventually display the final multiplier, for instance, "result_is_2.27_3nvehkas46rkkn3x."

Provably Fair

Next, use any SHA256 encryption tool to encode the result. The outcome should match the "Hash" field's value.

SHA256 Encryption Tool

Bitcoin encryption uses this same algorithm, ensuring it's totally reliable. By comparing the hashes, you confirm the game isn't unfairly ending just before you want to cash out, and that the highest multiplier is set in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Spaceman strategy?

Every Spaceman strategy can succeed if you pick the correct bet size. So, a high-risk approach is just as viable as a low-risk one.

How can I predict results in Spaceman?

It's impossible, not even with prediction software or bots. Instead, devote your efforts to strategies that can raise your chances of success.

How often does Spaceman award the maximum multiplier?

Statistically, it occurs less than once in every 5,000 rounds, but game volatility also influences this probability.

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