How to Win at Stake Crash - Essential Tips & Tricks

Crash is a standout game in the Stake Originals collection, and for good reason. Where else can you have the chance to win up to 1,000,000x? However, to have a shot at big multipliers, even if not the highest, it's essential to learn the Stake Crash strategies.

How Does Stake Crash Work?

At its core, Stake Crash is a classic Crash game with a simple layout. Most of the screen takes up the graph, with the dot moving along it. As the dot ascends the Y axis, the multiplier grows, and the X axis tracks the round's length in seconds.

The game's objective is to collect your winnings before the round ends. The precise moment when this will happen is unpredictable. Any players left in the game when the round ends will lose their bets.

Stake Crash Desktop

Stake Crash Controls

All the main controls are located at the top left of the screen:

  • Bet Amount: This is where you set your bet. Initially, you enter it manually, and then you can easily adjust it using the "½" and "2x" buttons.
  • Cashout At: Lets you set the multiplier at which you'll collect your winnings. You can also manually cash out anytime during the round.
  • Profit on Win: Displays your potential winnings if you cash out at that moment.
  • Bet (Next Round): Locks in your bet. It changes to "Cancel" once the bet is placed and to "Cashout" when the round starts.

Switching to the "Auto" tab gives access to autoplay tools. Besides the settings mentioned earlier, you can also customize actions for specific events in the game, like increasing the bet by a set percentage after a loss or win, or stopping autoplay when you reach a certain profit or loss. These options can be useful for applying various Stake Crash game strategies.

Beneath the controls, you'll find information about all the participants in the round. This includes the number of players and the total bet amount. Further down, you'll see info for each player, such as their nickname, bet amount, and the cryptocurrency used. As players exit the game, their multipliers will also appear in the list.

The mobile version of Stake Crash has the same interface, with only minor differences in the layout.

Stake Crash Mobile

3 Winning Strategies for Stake Crash

What can you gain from Stake Crash strategies? First, they provide a clearer perspective of the game, eliminating doubts about your bet size or multiplier. Secondly, they allow you to establish a playing style that aligns with your goals, making the game more enjoyable.

Do strategies guarantee winning? No. Any claims of a foolproof way to win are false. Crash by Stake is a game of luck, giving every player an equal chance to win.

Realistic Strategy

One of the main reasons Stake Crash is so popular is the potential for huge wins. A maximum multiplier of 1,000,000x is an incredible value, not just for the Crash genre, but also for the entire casino world. It's akin to winning the jackpot in a lottery like Powerball.

But let's look at the record win in Stake Crash history. On April 18, 2023, a lucky player managed to cash out with a multiplier of 611,100x. And the payout? 88 XRP, roughly $55.

Stake Crash Record Wins

This example underscores the need for realistic expectations. Of course, you might want to beat the record for the challenge, but doing so would likely require playing hundreds of thousands of rounds and incurring substantial losses, even with the minimal bet. But that's not what you're here for.

What multiplier can you realistically expect? The game often provides values between 10x and 50x, and we suggest aiming for this range if you're looking to win big with strong odds.

Daring Strategy

But what if you're looking to win more? That’s also great, because Stake Crash is perfectly adapted for this. Reaching multipliers like 100x, 500x, and even 2000x is quite feasible.

The choice of how far to go is entirely yours. While dreaming of a large multiplier is exciting, it can be hard to stay in the game when your winnings are already sizeable and you know the round could end at any point.

Cautious Strategy

This approach is suitable for players who prefer prolonged gaming sessions. By playing cautiously, you can slowly increase your balance and resist the urge to go after large multipliers.

We advise starting with a 1.5x multiplier. Why not lower? Stake Crash comes with a 1% house edge. Statistically, this means at least one round out of every 100 will end at 1.00x. In such a scenario, all players lose their bets, no matter the chosen multiplier. Therefore, by targeting lower multipliers, you're not giving yourself a chance to win a meaningful amount, while the risk of losing is always there.

How to Apply Stake Crash Strategies Effectively

Various strategies guide players in finding their ideal playstyle as preferences differ. Some may seek mega-multipliers, while others prefer a cautious approach. Either way, adhering to basic principles is crucial for success, just like the strategy itself.

Choosing the Bet Amount

Your chosen strategy directly influences your bet size. For instance, a realistic strategy works best with a buffer of 25-70 bets. The number of bets you bring into the game is another way to control risk besides selecting a multiplier. The fewer bets you have and the higher the multiplier you target, the greater the risk of losing, but so is the potential profit.

For an aggressive strategy, we suggest increasing your reserves, but keeping them within reasonable bounds. Otherwise, you might end up like the player who won only a few dollars despite an incredible multiplier.

With a cautious strategy, you balance out low multipliers by increasing the bet. A margin of 5-10 bets should suffice. You could even attempt using 1-3 bets, but then you should exit the game after a few wins, before an inevitable loss wipes out your balance.

Avoid Focusing on Past Results

Trying to predict outcomes is counterproductive to any strategy. Stake Crash operates on an algorithm that ensures outcomes are random, yet within the set RTP, volatility, and multiplier limits. We know that the multiplier can range from 1.00x to 1,000,000x, with the likelihood of winning decreasing as the potential payout grows.

Beyond that, the results are entirely unpredictable and independent of previous rounds. With strategies, you don't have to guess the multiplier or the right bet size. In practice, a structured approach often yields better results, even with the substantial impact of luck in Crash.

Play Crash to Level Up on Stake

Crash is a smart option if you're close to completing a level on Stake. Here's the deal: moving up to a new level gives you an instant cash bonus, and your regular bonuses, such as weekly and monthly ones, also increase. So, when you're just a few percent away from a new level, try to reach it with minimal effort.

To achieve this in Crash, run autoplay, set the autocashout to 1.01x, and choose a bet size low enough to play thousands of rounds. You can also calculate how many rounds you need to reach the new level and adjust autoplay accordingly. Then, you can go about your day, and when you're back, you'll be at the new level.

Keep in mind that within the game itself, this strategy is unlikely to be profitable. Over time, you can anticipate your balance decreasing by roughly one bet for every 100 rounds.


Strategies for Stake Crash will instantly boost your game. With a bit of luck, you'll soon notice a significant improvement in your performance.

The methods outlined above enable you to tailor your approach to Stake Crash. Experienced players can combine them with other tactics, like Crash strategies or betting systems, based on their own preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stake Crash scam players?

No, Stake Crash operates on a provably fair algorithm, so every player can independently check the integrity of the results.

Which cryptocurrency is the best for playing Stake Crash?

Checking the list of players, Ethereum Crash gambling seems to be a favored option. The choice of cryptocurrency doesn't impact the game's outcomes, as the events are the same for all players.

What's the average multiplier in Stake Crash?

The average multiplier varies depending on the timespan. At certain points, the game often ends below 2x, but at other times, it regularly reaches large values, causing the average multiplier to be higher in those cases.

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