How to Win at Plinko - Essential Tips & Tricks

Plinko gives you precise control over how you play. You can pick from 27 configurations, changing risks and row counts. Effectively, each setup is a different Plinko strategy. Let's look at some popular ones and check their success.


If you're new to Plinko, you might be unsure about which setup to pick. We've got advice from seasoned players on the ideal row counts and risk settings for a great game.

Many go to the full degen mode, selecting 16 rows and the max risk. Still, most report never hitting the 1,000x jackpot. A few, though, have won big on Plinko with substantial bets.

But preferences stretch far and wide. For instance, some like 14 rows and high risk. This setup offers a max payout of 420x, with a four times higher chance of winning. Other common picks are 10, 11, or 15 rows on high risk, and 10 rows on medium risk.

Hardly anyone goes for low risk or the minimum of 8 rows. The common consensus is that this method slowly drains the player's bankroll, without any hope of a big win. Remember, your long-term odds in Plinko stay the same, regardless of the rows and risk you pick. Just go with what feels right for you, enjoy, and hope for a bit of luck.

8 Rows, Low Risk

Efficiency: None

The only reason this configuration exists is because the game offers options like 8 rows and low risk. But, it's hardly a winning strategy for Plinko.

With a low multiplier, you'll need to bet big anyway. But consider the payout spread. A 0.5x hole sits in the middle, with a 27% chance of catching the ball. The adjacent holes, at 1x and 1.1x, offer no gain. And only the outer edges have 2.1x and 5.6x, with a combined chance of hitting around 7%.

This approach can help you stay in the game temporarily, but you're likely to lose more over time, especially with bigger stakes.

Plinko 8 Rows, Low Risk

16 Rows, High Risk

Efficiency: Low

This approach is highly popular for its potential to boost winnings by as much as 1000x. The issue, though, is that most players won't ever achieve the 1000x, and those who do will likely be placing minimal bets.

The 1000x win comes around roughly every 33,000 plays. At the same time, there's an 80% chance that you'll only win 0.2x of your bet back. Given the slim chances of hitting the big multi and the high risk involved, we advise against this strategy.

Plinko 16 Rows, High Risk

14 Rows, High Risk

Efficiency: High

Among high-risk Plinko strategies, this one is the most efficient. Here, the top multiplier drops to 420x, but your chances of hitting it are four times higher. This makes it a smarter choice for players aiming for big multis. However, there's still an 80% chance of landing on a low multiplier like 0.2x or 0.3x.

Plinko 14 Rows, High Risk

10, 11, or 12 Rows, High Risk

Efficiency: Medium

These strategies are also popular with players who like taking risks. What sets them apart is the highest multiplier they can reach.

  • 10 Rows - 76x
  • 11 Rows - 120x
  • 12 Rows - 170x

Unlike riskier strategies, these approaches allow you to regain a larger part of your bet on a loss. This way, you have more money to play and try for a big multiplier. Notably, many players recognize this method as the most successful Plinko strategy.

Plinko 11 Rows, High Risk

12 Rows, Medium Risk

Efficiency: High

This method strikes a good balance between risk and potential gain. You have a 40% chance to profit, with multipliers reaching 33x. It's a good start for new players, as opting for a less risky game means higher bets, which typically cuts into your winning chances.

Plinko 12 Rows, Medium Risk

Tips for Plinko Strategies

Beyond the Plinko strategies, there are some key tips you should learn to effectively put them into practice.

Match Your Bets with the Risk Level

To succeed in Plinko, it's important to tailor your bets to the risk involved. For example, if you're aiming for huge multipliers, like 1000x, having a thousand bets on hand isn't too much.

Bet Small

Plinko lets you drop dozens of balls per minute, which is faster than slots and much more than table games. So, the best way to play is to keep your stakes low and the risks high.

Try Different Strategies

When learning Plinko, there's no need to limit yourself to one strategy. Experiment with various tactics, beginning with the ones we've outlined. This helps you discover the best way to play and tweak these strategies to fit what you like. Remember to change your bet size with the risk level.

Try Different Plinko Games

There are many games under the Plinko category. Look around to pick the best one for you. Most of the time, the changes are just visual, but some games include special features. Take PlinkoX by SmartSoft, where balls can get extra 5x and 10x multipliers, increasing the top prize to an impressive 10,000x!

Play Plinko with Crypto

This tip will prove its worth when you decide to withdraw your winnings. Cryptocurrencies speed up the process, eliminating the common hold-ups of traditional payment options. Plus, when you play Plinko with Ethereum or another cryptocurrency at ETH Casino, you can cash out instantly without the hassle of verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Plinko strategy?

For new players, we suggest starting with a 12-row strategy at a medium risk. As you learn, feel free to adjust it to what works best for you.

What are the odds of winning at Plinko?

Most Plinko games offer a 99% RTP. To see the odds of getting a specific multiplier, just hover over its pocket in the game.

Do Plinko strategies help you win?

For sure! A good strategy improves your game plan, increasing your chances of winning.

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