How to Win at Plinko - Essential Tips & Tricks

Plinko by is a straightforward game that involves just one action: placing a bet. In this sense, it resembles classic slots, which is why many find it appealing. So, your success ultimately hinges on how you bet. A Stake Plinko strategy will help you learn this skill.

How Does Stake Plinko Work?

Stake hosts a traditional Plinko game with a top multiplier of 1000x. You can find it on the casino’s homepage or under Stake Originals.

Locating Plinko on Stake

As you enter the game, a pyramid-shaped board dotted with white points appears. You launch balls from the top, and these dots change their direction. The balls eventually fall into slots at the bottom, which determine your payout.

With Stake Plinko, you never lose your entire bet. Even in the worst-case scenario, you'll recover some of your bet, like 0.2x or 0.5x. Each slot shows its multiplier value. Additionally, hovering over a slot reveals the payout for your bet and the chance of each outcome.

Risk and Row Settings

You can adjust slot multipliers with two settings: risk and number of rows. Risk lets you change the multipliers without altering the board size. At low risk, multipliers are spread more evenly. For high risk, multipliers are higher on the outer slots but lower in the middle.

The number of rows changes both the multipliers and the board size. To grasp what this means, test out different settings. There are 27 different configurations you can achieve by modifying the risk and number of rows, which is essential for Stake Plinko strategy.

Bet Settings

Certainly, you also have the option to change your bet size. Start by setting the bet manually, then use the 1/2 and 2x buttons to adjust it as needed. Additionally, you can turn on the maximum bet by clicking the gear icon in the bottom bar. This option is off by default, as no Stake Plinko strategy advises risking your whole balance in a single round.

You can also enable the instant bet in the settings. This will show the results right away, skipping the animation of the balls falling down the pyramid. Moreover, you can activate hotkeys to launch the balls, double or halve your bet, and reset the bet to zero.

Switching to the Auto tab lets you automate gameplay. Here, you can set the bet size, risk, and number of rows, as well as the number of rounds the game will play with these settings. If the number of rounds field is set to zero, the game will continue endlessly or until you run out of money.

Stake Plinko Gameplay Plinko Winning Strategies

Winning at Plinko begins with knowing what you want from the game. With its variety of risk settings, it is perfect for both conservative players and those who seek large payouts. Every approach comes with its own nuances, but you can grasp them easily with the right Stake Plinko strategies.

Optimal Strategy

Many players find that this strategy works best for them. To implement it, choose high risk and set the rows to 10, 11, or 12. This setup can yield a multiplier between 76x and 170x, depending on the number of rows. Notably, there's roughly a 60% likelihood of an unfavorable outcome in every case, so we suggest using the high risk and 12 rows setting.

This strategy strikes an optimal balance between potential rewards and game duration. Ultimately, the game duration is key, as the longer you play, the better your chances of landing a big multi.

Starting with 100 bets is sufficient for this strategy. End the game once you hit a 170x multiplier or achieve 76x twice, depending on your settings. When playing with 12 rows, a 24x multiplier is just below the maximum and that can also boost your balance a lot. However, with 10 rows, the second-highest multiplier is only 10x.

Stake Plinko Optimal Strategy

Safe Strategy

If you prefer a cautious approach, setting it to 12 rows and medium risk is best. There could be some confusion since we're aiming for a safe style, yet it's a middle-range setup. But we're also focused on how to win, and playing at lower risk often leads to a slow but steady loss of balance.

Start with about 40 bets when using this strategy. This amount will cover you if initial balls hit the center slots with multipliers of 0.3x and 0.6x. Meanwhile, you still have the opportunity to win big with 33x and 11x multipliers on the outer slots.

Stake Plinko Safe Strategy

Risky Strategy

For maximum risk and reward in Stake Plinko, most players would choose 16 rows and a high risk level. Indeed, this unlocks the game’s highest multiplier of 1,000x. Keep in mind, though, that this multiplier is rare, appearing just once every 33,000 plays, so you'll need to bet extremely small to realistically aim for it.

Choosing high risk with 14 rows is much more practical. This setting drops the maximum multiplier to 420x but boosts the probability of landing it by four times, making it a viable option. For this approach, set aside a bankroll of 500 bets. Remember, there's a high chance of losing, but this is part of the high-risk strategy.

Stake Plinko Risky Strategy

Stake Plinko Tips

Understanding the strategy is only half the battle. You also need to learn how to implement it correctly, paying attention to the game's unique aspects. The expert tips for Plinko below will guide you in this.

Set Limits

The Stake Plinko strategy lets you adjust the game to fit your style, but it doesn't guarantee success. That's why it's vital to set a gaming budget and stick to it.

Let's say you put in $100 and plan to follow the optimal strategy. Bet $1 per ball and avoid depositing more if you lose. If you meet your profit target, remember to leave the game while you're ahead.


Before you play Plinko with crypto, test it out for free. Although Stake doesn't have a separate demo mode, you can still experience the game without a deposit by setting the bet amount to zero. This lets you launch as many balls as you want without using your balance. Experiment with the strategies we’ve discussed or tweak settings to see what works best for you.

Choose the Right Bet Size

We suggest different betting margins for each strategy, tailored to the risk involved. If you decide to test a personal approach, make sure to adjust the bet size. A good rule of thumb is to lower your bet as risk goes up, and increase it when risk is lower.

The great thing about Stake Plinko is that you never lose your bet entirely. Therefore, even on an unlucky day, you end up with more tries to land a big multiplier than what your initial balance would typically allow.

Use Autoplay

Autoplay is a useful tool for implementing your Stake Plinko strategy. First, adjust your bet size, risk level, and number of rows as needed. Then align the number of autoplay rounds with your bet count. Repeat the autoplay after each cycle until you get the profit you want. Additionally, you can adjust your strategy based on the cycle results.


Plinko's flexibility makes it suitable for all players, and offers a solid option. Should you play on the alternative site, you can use the same strategies for Plinko, as their games are essentially the same.

You can also find the best Plinko strategies for other game variations and play them on our site. We welcome players from all regions, require no verification, and offer instant payouts. Have fun playing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best strategy for Plinko?

Our advice is to start with the optimal strategy that involves the high risk settings and choosing between 10 to 12 rows. This setup strikes a balance between risk and potential rewards. You can then adjust your play style as you see fit.

Does Stake Plinko scam players?

No, Plinko uses a provably fair algorithm, ensuring its integrity. You can verify this by checking the designated tab in the game's interface. This guarantees that the outcomes over time align closely with the mathematical expectations, with no manipulation from the casino.

What is the volatility level of Stake Plinko?

The game's volatility varies based on the risk settings and number of rows you select. It can range from extremely low to very high.

What are other games similar to Stake Plinko?

Plinko belongs to the instant win games category, known for their quick gameplay. We recommend exploring Ethereum crash gambling as a good alternative.

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