How to Win at Bitcoin Dice: Maximize Your Payouts

Dice games date back to the origins of gambling. In the traditional setup, the game offers limited scenarios: players roll two dice, and the highest roller wins.

Bitcoin dice has turned all that on its head. Now, players can tweak their risk level down to fractions of a percent, which unlocks boundless tactical opportunities. Let's examine popular crypto dice strategies and find the best match for you.

Risk Settings

First off, you need to choose your risk level. The game includes a slider that lets you adjust the winning probability and potential payout amount. This mirrors the Plinko game strategy with its flexible risk settings.

You have the option to bet above or below a set value. The odds for different values may line up when you switch between over and under. For example, betting over 66.66 or under 33.33 both have a 33.33% probability of winning. The payout is the same for either choice, three times the bet minus the house edge.

Here are the most favored betting numbers in dice, along with their payouts and odds. We will go with a game having a 1% house edge as an example.

Number Payout Probability
Over Under Over Under
25 1.32x 3.96x 75% 25%
33 1.4776x 2.9118x 67% 34%
50 1.98x 1.98x 50% 50%
66 2.9118x 1.4776x 34% 67%
75 3.96x 1.32x 25% 75%

Dice Game Patterns

A Reddit user posted their dice strategy online. Their tactic involves watching the game until either above or below 50 occurs seven times in a row. They believe the game might briefly switch after that, but then it returns to the previous pattern.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But players often try to find patterns in dice this way. The only difference is they usually make their conclusions based on just 2-3 occurrences, without a lot of analysis.

Either way, patterns exist solely in players' minds and have no effect on the game. This brings us back to the point that numbers in dice are about controlling risk, not a sign of fate.

Low-Risk Strategy

This concept appears in our dice strategy guide as a warning rather than actionable advice.

Let's say you enter the game holding 200 bets. Each time, you bet that the dice will roll over 2. This results in a payout of 1.0102, with a 98% chance of success.

You might think a low-risk strategy would protect your balance the best. However, in dice games, that's not the case. With a $1 bet, you earn about 1 cent per win, and you lose approximately two rounds out of every 100.

With extended play, typical for this strategy, the real outcomes will increasingly match the expected ones. Therefore, you'll face a slow but certain decrease in your bankroll without much hope for profit.

Moderate-Risk Strategy

This strategy offers a much better chance of winning while keeping risks moderate.

You need at least 125 bets in your balance to begin. Place your bet on a roll over 10. This gives you a 1.10x payout with a 90% winning probability.

After a loss, increase your bet fivefold. Keep raising the bet with each loss. When you win, revert to the original size. This method is similar to the Martingale roulette strategy, but it's uniquely tailored for dice games.

With this strategy, you control risk by changing your initial bet size relative to your bankroll. The recommended starting point is 125 bets, but you can make it safer by increasing this amount. You can also choose to start with fewer bets, but it will be riskier.

High-Risk Strategy

This strategy is designed for players with a large bankroll, as success largely depends on the number of bets you have.

Again, you bet on a roll greater than 10. However, this time, you increase the bet tenfold after a loss and reset to the original value after a win.

This strategy works best if you have bets in multiples of 10, starting with 1000. Each zero you add to your total bet count increases your chances of recovering from losses. With the minimum recommended amount, you might lose the bankroll in one out of 1000 attempts. Add another zero, and you get 10,000 tries.

Ultra High-Risk Strategy

In contrast to the previous strategy, use this one only with a small bankroll. It involves extremely high risk, so you're likely to lose, but there's a chance to substantially grow your balance if you're fortunate.

This time, you bet on a roll over 90. It pays out 9.9 times your bet, with a 10% chance of winning. After a loss, raise the bet by 10%. The main difference from earlier strategies is that you don't lower the bet after a win.

You target a session with frequent outcomes over 90. Although you begin with a small balance, it's good to have a few thousand bets ready. This requires setting a very low base bet. But don't let that deter you. If the strategy works out, you can increase your starting money by dozens of times, although it's rare.

Best Crypto Dice Games for Strategic Play

These days, many online casinos provide their versions of crypto dice games. They're generally very similar; occasionally, there may be subtle differences in the house edge. So, it doesn't really matter where you play if you enjoy the casino. In some instances, players can use tools to create custom models based on various conditions, as detailed in the dice strategy.

For beginners, Rocket Dice is an excellent choice. It follows the traditional style where two six-sided dice are rolled. The win multiplier for your chosen setup appears at the top, useful for strategic play. There's also a feature that lets you double your winnings, with a 50/50 chance of success. Essentially, at this point, you are playing crypto dice with 100% RTP!

You can enjoy this game and more at ETH Casino without any verification or local restrictions. If the dice tips pay off, your winnings are available immediately, no extra details required. Also, don’t forget to check out the crypto live dealer casino section for more thrilling dice games!

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